Hey God,

I sat with a friend this morning at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters,

Enjoying the coffee and engaging conversation.

From out of the blue,

I tossed into the conversation,

“I enjoy being a guy.”

She looked at me and smiled.

Me . . . I felt ready to break into song and dance

On the joys of being a guy.

I vividly recall a scene from Act 1 in my life,

Me as a kid sitting with my family at Prospect Park,

Seeing the musical, “Flower Drum Song.”

I watched with awe as the caste members performed on stage.

I was especially intrigued by the lady who sang and danced,

Highlighting the joys of being a girl.

I remember looking around the theater,

Noting the guys

And my dad,

Wondering if there was a song for us guys

To sing and dance

Extolling the joys of being a guy.

Now in Act 3 of my life,

I recognize how key to me

This enjoy-being-a-guy thing has been

Throughout my entire life.

And what is it I so enjoy about being a guy?

Well . . . I think of my dad

And how from a very young age,

I just simply enjoyed hanging out with him,

Doing the guy-kind-of things,

Like attending high school sporting events.

My dad and I didn’t talk a lot.

We just simply enjoyed being together,

Being in the presence of each other.

I must admit now from my Act 3 perspective,

There was something sacredly sweet about my dad and me

And the communion that we shared.

And to this day,

I just enjoy hanging out with the guys


Being a guy.

Yeah, thank You for the joy I experience in being a guy;

I guess You could say,

Your guy!


Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob