Hey God,

My day began by shifting gears

From a familiar routine

Into uncharted territory.

Surprise, surprise,

I made a wonderful discovery . . .

An incredibly delicious cup o’ joe

Awaiting me at 7 AM

At the corner of 4th and Nueces

In the Juan Pelota Cafe.

From the first sip to the very last drop,

The cup o’ joe sweetly spoke to my soul

And uplifted my spirits.

Yeah . . .

Through the morning’s robust awakening

At the Juan Pelota Cafe,

I am reminded

Of the power in letting go of the familiar

And letting You guide me into the new.

Yeah . . .

I recognize . . .

When I’m willing to open to the newness of life,

I’m uplifted by my soul’s percolating beat,

Doing the Double A,

Awake and Aware

To the magic of life.


Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob