Hey God,

On my drive downtown this morning,

I entertained visions of me from a scene in Act 1 of my life.

I was at Moline’s Riverside Park,

Doing one of my favorite summer-time activities,

Enjoying a hot summer day at the Moline swimming pool

With my very best friends.

Part of the fun adventure in a 10 year-old’s life was

To say,

I dare you . . .

On this particular day, I was given the dare of jumping off the high dive.

I accepted the dare.

I stood in line, waiting my turn.

Step-by-step I climbed the ladder to the top of the diving board.

With each step up the ladder I took,

Placing my foot on the next rung

Became more challenging for me to do.

Yet, I kept on climbing,

Arriving at the top.

WOW . . .

I seemed to be at the top of a mountain’s peak.

Intuitively I knew to just keep on walking

Right off the end of the board.

And so I did.

I accepted the dare and I jumped off the high dive.

What did I learn that day?

I learned that it’s best to hold my nose when hitting the water.


That when learning and doing something new,

Simply taking a step at a time works best.

Since that summer day at Moline’s swimming pool,

I’ve repelled off the side of a mountain.

I’ve done a bungy jump.

All the time learning about me and life,

And the exhilaration I experience

When on the learning curve of living.

Today’s high dive is making phone calls to people I’ve not met before,

Asking for information.

And so in Act 3 of my life,

A new scene and summer-time setting,

No one’s daring me to make the calls,

Except for me,

The dare I’m telling myself

Is an encouraging one,

Filled with the wisdom of living through Acts 1 and 2

And gaining traction on the learning curve of living.

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob