Hey God,

It’s officially summer time.

The temperatures are hot.

The conditions are so perfect for simply playing the day away.

I vividly recall the summer scenes from Act 1 of my life.

The phone calls made to my best friends, Dennis and Jim,

Saying to them,

“Hey, let’s play today. What do you wanna do?”

A favorite thing to do on a hot, summer day was

Take the bus to the Moline swimming pool.

We rode the bus for 15 minutes or so.

We arrived at the pool;

So eager we were to run into the locker room,

Put on our swimming suits,

And then jump into the refreshingly cool waters.

We splashed each other.

We did cannon balls.

Oh, such a thrill it was for me

When I was able to swim the width of the pool


Enter the pool’s deep end.

My friends and I . . .

We played and played and played.

We didn’t have much of an agenda . . .

Other than to have fun and laugh.

So here I am now in Act 3 of my life.

The scene today is Austin, Texas.

The weather is definitely so very hot.

It’s a perfect day to call some friends and say,

“Hey, let’s play today.”

I’ve learned through Act 2 and now into Act 3,

Adults have a tendency to take life so seriously.

Many have forgotten the simple art of playing the day away . . .

Summer, fall, winter, and spring.

You know how much I love to play.

It’s an attitude,

An attitude for approaching life.

I sense that some adults living in their Act 2 and Act 3 worlds

View the word play as a four-letter word.

Especially those in the work-a-day world,

Taking each day so very seriously.

So, I’m saying . . ..

Thank You for this summer day;

Hey, let’s play today.

What do You wanna do?

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob