Hey God,

I invited You to play with me through the day.

Little did I know when the invitation was made

That the play would be on the learning edge of living.

Yeah, I feel like I’m walking a tight rope,

Doing my best to maintain my balance,

Consciously choosing moment by moment

Not to play victim to the lesson life is presenting me now.

Eighteen months ago, I was approached by a vendor to write some leveled readers for Kindergarten and Grade 1.

I said, “Yes!’

Through the winter months of 2009, I crafted 23 little books;

Some fiction; some nonfiction.

Deadlines were met.

The vendor seemed happy,

So happy they asked me to write more.

The vendor’s educational publishing company client,

As far as I know, was happy, too.

Some 15 months after submitting the last manuscript,

I’m still awaiting samples of the 23 little books.

Requests to vendor that contracted me have not produced any sample books


Clarity as to when they might appear.

Request made to the publisher;

Well, it was made very clear THEY did NOT want to hear from me.

I learned a lot through the process of crafting the books for the young readers.

I learned a lot about me and tapping into and expressing the creative spirit.

And I’m continuing to learn about we humans in the year 2010.

The vendor sent a note six months ago, saying thanks to those of us who wrote the books for the kids,

Letting us know their publishing client was very happy,

And thanking we writers for making them look good.

From what I hear, the reading program is published.

The publisher’s sales force is selling the books . . .

A program leading young readers into the 21st century.

I have to laugh.

A number of the books I wrote for kindergarten and 1st grade,

Focused on building community.

And here’s where the real learning edge is for me,

What’s happened in the adult world that in our day-to-day living and in the work-a-day world,

We’ve chosen to disconnect from valuing humanity and feeding the human’s creative spirit?

Instead . . .

We tend to use.

We tend to discard.

We tend to stiffle the gifts You’ve given us as uniquely our own to share with the world.

Yeah, I’m playing the role of learner in this melodrama of the 23 little books,

Wondering what I can do,

Me . . . just one voice . . .

To issue a wake-up call to the human spirit and its creative expressions,

Encouraging it to do its thing, whatever that creative spark may be.

And for we humans to honor and celebrate the creative spirit

From the kindergarten classroom

Throughout the classrooms of life . . .

Be they in day-to-day living

Or in the work-a-day world.

I’m listening to You.

I’m ready to play on, feeding my creative spirit.

Following Your lead into the 21st century.


Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob