Hey God,

It’s Saturday.

Here I am with a case of the blahs.

My stomach is feeling blah, blah, blah, blah.

I think it’s a result of last night’s topping of whipped cream on a blended iced-drink.

And so today I recall a McCreight family home remedy for a case of the stomach blahs . . .

Pepto Bismo.

I discover a bottle in the bathroom cabinet.

I look at it.

I discover the expiration date . . . October 1991.

Wow, that’s almost 20 years ago,

A purchase from my north side of Chicago days.

I toss the bottle into the garbage.

I dance in harmony with the blahs,

Letting the blahs lead me to another solution.

I do the Texas two-step to the refrigerator.

I do a slow spin when I find a slice of bread,

Remembering another McCreight family remedy for a case of the stomach blahs . . . dry toast.

I toast the bread.

I slowly eat the bread.

With each bite I take, I experience a soothing sensation in my tummy.

I savor each bite.

I feel my energy pick up, leaving the blahs behind.

Thank You for the memory bubbles from a scene in Act 1 of my life,

And those home remedies that worked so well as a kid growing up

And still work today in Act 3 of my life.


Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob