Hey God,

I looked in my closet this morning,

Spotting a pair of Bass dark brown suede shoes.

They called out to me as if to say, Wear me today!

And so I did, following their lead in this morning’s walk;

A walk that prompted

A brief trip down suede-shoes memory lane.

I recalled a scene from my adolescent years,

Age 13 to be exact.

Elvis was singing about his blue suede shoes,

And I was singing the blues to my parents . . .

Everyone has suede shoes, but me;

Oh, poor me.

I recalled a picture I had recently seen

Of my family and me taken at Easter that year.

My Easter outfit included a pair of tan suede shoes.

And so here I am today in Act 3 of my life,

Living in an Austin, Texas scene,

Feeling so refreshed by a momentary trip down memory lane.

Fascinated by how today’s choice in wearing suede shoes

Triggered an adolescent-year memory from out of the blue.

I reminded of something I recently read by Deepak Chopra.

Paraphrasing him,

A memory is not to hold me as a prisoner of the past,

But here to serve me as a pioneer of the future.

And so I ponder for a moment . . .

How might the suede shoes be serving to pioneer me into the future?

I sit at the keyboard,

The typing strokes are slowing . . .

Ummm . . . .

I wonder and ponder

And ponder and wonder.

And then the aha! occurs.

The adolescent-years singing the suede-shoes blues to my parents

Didn’t produce the shoes.

It was when I let go of singing the blues

And accepted the fact

That I might not get the pair of suede shoes . . .

It was then the tan suede shoes appeared,

Adding to my Easter Sunday fashion statement.

Yeah, I’m recognizing more and more

How cool memories can be,

Feeding the inspiration

For connecting the dots between the acts in my life.

Today’s memory adds a passionate flair to my understanding

In the power of letting go . . .

Letting go of singing life’s blues

And bellowing howdy-do to pioneering the future.


Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob