Hey God,

I sit here with my Major Taylor cup o’ joe.

And who do I discover joining me today?

Memories of the Graney girls, Lucille and Estelle!

I don’t recall ever officially meeting them.

I just remember my mother and grandmother

Going to the Graney girls to play in an afternoon bridge club.

My grandmother always referred to them as . . .

The Graney girls.

I do know for a fact

Most of the ladies in the bridge club were

Like my grandmother on the elder side of life.

One day I asked my grandmother,

“How old are the Graney girls.”

My grandmother responded,

“Oh, I’d say about my age.”

As a 10 year-old, I thought this was so funny

To call “older” women . . . girls.

Well, here I am now in Act 3 of my life,

Probably the age the Graney girls were at the peak of their bridge-playing days.

I get “it” now.

Though the physical body may change and age,

The “girls” and “boys” spirit within us lives on and on.

It’s almost like the Graney girls, Lucille and Estelle,

Were playing dress up


Simply playing the roles of women on the elder side of life.

Yes, thank You, for the Major Tayolr cup o’ joe

And today’s percolating memories of the Graney girls.

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob