The Fourth of July weekend it is,


I’m letting freedom from my heart ring.

I was greeted this morning

With a Walt Whitman quote,

“The strongest and sweetest songs yet remain to be sung.”

And if you are like me,

Someone entering or already in Act lll of your life,

I invite you to receive Walt Whitman’s gift,

His words of wisdom.

Yes, here in Act lll of our lives,

The strongest and sweetest songs from the heart

Are waiting to be expressed.

Earlier today, I was honored to do a baby blessing for a two-month old boy.

A passage in the blessing reads,

I show you this sunflower,

Unique in all its natural beauty,

As a reminder that you are unique in your natural beauty


That you will continue to grow and unfold

In the most unique and beautiful ways that are you.

And so to you in Act lll of life,

What strong, sweet, uniquely-you song from your heart is remaining to be sung?

I encourage you to listen and respond to your heart,

Taking center stage


Freely sing your song!

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob