The day after the Fourth of July it is.

A walk along Austin’s Lady Bird Lake begins my day.

I’m feeling a little sluggish.


I’m entertaining thoughts of doubt as I begin my trek

In downtown Austin.

I’m wondering where I am in my life.

As soon as that thought enters my mind,

I look out at places I recognize.

I chuckle to myself as I acknowledge

I do know where I am in my life.

I cross a pedestrian bridge,

Taking me across the waters of Lady Bird Lake.

I note a sign someone has painted on a wall,

If it doesn’t exist, create it.

My walking pace quickens as I breathe in the message,

Feeling as if someone has painted it especially for me.

Recently, I’ve been discovering myself watching less and less TV,

Aware of the messages bombarding the airwaves,

Targeting people like me in Act lll of their lives.

And so . . .

What I’m creating is a community of players in Act lll of their lives,

Who choose to honor life,

Celebrating the wisdom gained through decades of experiences of living, learning, and loving;

A community of sage-in’ age-in’s,

Wise men and wise women,

Willing to commit to shifting an aging paradigm in our culture.

So I guess, you might say the blog today is a want ad.

Are you willing to apply?

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob