My day begins by scoring a triple play:

A gorgeous sunrise over Parmer Lane;

Soft, soothing music from a guitar and a cello,

Harmonious sounds being created by two neighbors,

Young adolescent boys,

Sitting outdoors,

Seeming to serenade the rising sun;

And . . .

A quote that danced into my life,

Words of wisdom from the ballet master,

George Balanchine,

I’ve got more energy now than when I was younger because I know exactly what I want to do.

Balanchine’s words of wisdom

Resonate with my heart.

Yes, knowing what I want to do, energizes me.

And what do I want to do?

Well . . .

What I love to do is play detective,

Looking for life’s good.

And, now that I’m a senior in life,

I’m continually discovering the good in Act lll of my life

And rediscovering the good that was part of my earlier life.

I feel as though

I’m livin’ in the celebrating the goodness-of-living groove.

Do you remember what it was like being an underclassman in high school?

I do recall looking up to the seniors,

Thinking they had it altogether

And were so worldly and wise.

Well, my perspective is a little different then it was at age 14.

Me . . . I’m now in the senior class of  life.

Through decades of first-hand learning,

The curriculum of life has added such wisdom to my life’s tapestry.

And what is a key learning life has presented me?

When I look for the good, I discover it!

I must admit, looking for the good energizes me,

And wises me UP into embracing a bigger view of life.

My day began today with a jump-start with goodness.

Oh, . . .

A little later during the day,

I got an email, filled with doom ‘n gloom,

Promoting a fearful approach to livin’ in Act lll of life.

I felt my energy spiraling down, down, down.

From the pits, the goodness was out of sight.

And so what did I do?

I silently thanked the email sender for the opportunity to grow

In my awareness of the foods I’m choosing to feed myself,

As a member of life’s senior class,

A sage-in’ agin’ in my Act lll.

I then deleted the email,

Got up from my desk, and went for a short walk.

I breathed in the fresh air.

I focused on the blue skies.

I took charge of myself, re-focusing on the goodness of living.

Goodness to me is like a freshly percolated pot of morning coffee,

Taking sips of  life’s goodness inspires my soul.

And as a senior in the school of life,

I have an abundance of goodness that’s been percolating for decades


It’s ready to be shared and enjoyed by the world . . .

A world eagerly awaiting a focus on life’s goodness.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob