Upon awakening this morning,

I was greeted by a memory of me at four years of age.

There I was little Bobby McCreight,

Dressed in red corduroys and a white shirt,

Standing on the stage of the First Methodist Church’s Fellowship Hall.

It was Christmas time.

The room in the basement was packed full of people

There to enjoy the annual Christmas pageant.

I had a verse I was to recite.

I had practiced and practiced the verse.

I knew the verse by heart.

Yet, as I stood on the stage,

Looking out at the crowd,

When it came by turn to recite the verse,

I just stood center stage

And smiled back at the room full of people, smiling at me.

The words were simply replaced by smiles,

Beaming back and forth between me and the onlookers.

And then I heard Millie Lundeen’s whispering voice,

Softly saying, The wise men . . .

It prompted me to say my verse,

The wise men opened their treasures.

They gave Him their gifts.

The smiles grew bigger and the Christmas-pageant crowd applauded.

I think I may have taken a bow.

A memory from so many years ago awakened me today

To the whisperings of my heart,

Nudging softly at me to remember

A verse about the wise men’s gifts,

And to connect the dots

To taking center stage in my Act lll.

Like the rising morning sun,

The crescendo from the voice of my whispering heart,

Enlightened me . . .

With awareness and understanding

Of the wise man status I have acquired

Through the decades of living, learning, and loving.

And so fellow wise men and wise women

Performing center stage in Act lll of life,

I encourage you to listen to your whispering heart

And open your treasure chest of life learnings,

Giving forward your gifts, blessing generations to come.

I love this quote from the movie Land Before Time:

Let your heart guide you.

It whispers, so listen carefully.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob