The house at 449 where I grew up had a big front porch.

It was located on16th Avenue, a brick road, lined with tall, majestic elm trees,

Whose branches created an archway along the then less-traveled road.

One of the rites of late spring was assisting my dad in putting up the screens,

Thus creating a wonderful screened-in front porch

That just happened to have a swing.

As a young adolescent, I loved sitting on the front porch, swinging back ‘n forth;

In particular, on warm summer nights after the sun had set.

To me, there was something magical about the front porch swing.

So quietly, I’d sit and ponder my young adolescent life.

Summer for me was a time to just hang out,

Hanging out with friends,

And hanging out with me and the swing.

The front porch swing taught me lessons about life.

It influenced me to go with life’s naturally swingin’ beat.

I’d just sit there on the swing all by myself,

Listening  to the sounds of summertime silence.

Yes, through the adolescent summer-time years,

I discovered silence to be my friend;

It fed me in ways my mind couldn’t grasp.

Now, I recognize how this summer-time setting served me,

Connecting me to my heart and to its whispering voice,

Encouraging me through the adolescent years to be true to myself.

Amazing how this memory transports me back in time

To some serene, peaceful adolescent moments.

And what triggered this memory?

Today I overheard a conversation in an office,

Letting staff members know if they had downtime,

Others had work to share that would keep everyone busy.

Yeah, I thought to myself,

The message for today seems to be:

Got to fill the downtime with busy-ness.

I can hear the swing on 449’s front porch,

Gently calling out . . .

Come sit with me.

I’ll peacefully rock you,

Serenading you with the sounds of summer,

Connecting you to your heart,

And to your heart’s creative whisperings,

Designed especially to awaken you to you.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob