A quote from an anonymous source appears in a daily email I receive:

Can you remember a time when you regretted saying a kind word?

My response is no.

And how about you . . . can you recall a time when you regretted saying a kind word?

Kind words I find can be such a treasured gift.

Kind words freely given I’ve discovered not only have a way of uplifting the recipient, but me the giver as well.

I’ve learned that kinds words spontaneously shared encourage me to jump into the kindness pool and swim in the naturally-refreshing, invigorating, aging-gracefully waters.

When was the last time you shared a kind word with a family member, friend, co-worker, or neighbor?

What comes to mind for me is the lady who served me a cup o’ joe this morning at Juan Pelota Cafe.

I requested the Major Taylor blend; it is my absolute favorite.

Each time I meet the Major . . . upon the first sip, I immediately do a delightful, good-morning-Austin dance.

The coffee server saw me light up.

The two of us then under the influence of Major Taylor began a volley of kind-word exchange.

Kind words from me percolated kind words from the coffee server. A few minutes of a kind-worded conversation unleashed a powerful joy in my heart.

Two minutes of this kind-worded conversation set the tone for my day and emblazoned a smile upon my face.

Yes, World, here I am in Act 3 of my life, playing a plus-50-years role as a bold, kind-hearted man; and I’m loving it.

I hear the World is having an open casting call for a play entitled Kind Word Exchange.

Ideal candidates are those of us plus 50 years of age who are willing to play the roles of kind-hearted men and kind-hearted women on the stage of life.

Auditions begin now, wherever you are.

So, my friends, I invite you to join me . . .

Open your hearts and let the kind words flow like a river!

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob