Here I am plus 50 years in age and in Act 3 of my life, percolating such joy . . . joy that’s playing through my heart.

In playing the joyous instrument of my heart, I’m experiencing such sweet delight in following my heart’s lead along life’s journey in aging gracefully.

Aging gracefully I’m discovering is like being an artist . . . an artist in being alive, creating on the canvas of life.

I believe that you and I in our Act 3 roles can consciously choose to age gracefully.

Here’s a poem entitled The Blank Slate I recently wrote and performed.


Yourself an artist . . .

An artist in living your life.

You have before you

Right here,

Right now,

A blank slate,

An empty canvas,

Awaiting your creation.


Right here,

Right now,

You ask Now a question,

Now, what color do I paint you?”

Now responds,

I offer you my views on hues,

Possibilities for painting me, Now.

Paint me red, and you and I take action percolating with enthusiasm.

Paint me orange, and together we radiate warmth and understanding.

Paint me yellow, and our partnership blossoms with golden possibilities.

Paint me green, and you and I are filled with tranquility and refreshing growth.

Paint me blue, and together we express a peaceful exhilaration.

Paint me purple, and we transcend a stairway of inspiration.

Paint me white, and we embrace a fresh beginning.

It is your choice.

This color palette is within your reach.

Reach within,

Creating with me, your friend, Now,

A masterpiece on the moment’s blank slate.

Yes, my friend, you are an artist in living your life.

I serve you as Now,

Awakening you

To your creative potential

For consciously living and loving me, Now.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob