On my aging gracefully journey, I’m continually being reminded in the power of simple acts of kindness.

Today, I played flower-delivery man along with a dear friend of mine. Together on this Sunday morning we delivered flowers to a nursing center here in Austin.

Earlier on Thursday evening a group of seven people from Heartfelt Austin met at Central Market. We congregated at a table near the Cooking School; and boy, oh boy, did we ever cook up and serve a mighty-fine batch of the sweetest 45 hand-crafted flowers.

Most of us that volunteered our time on Thursday night had never before made a flower out of tissue paper.

Yet, there we were on Thursday night, willingly showing up and creatively stepping outside our flower-making comfort zones and crafting an amazing assortment of colorful flowers.

Today, the bouquets were delivered and what an honor I discovered it to be to play flower-delivery man.

As I sit here at the keyboard, I’m wondering how best to put into words the experience I had this morning.

With each flower I delivered, I received such a gift in return.

The gift of a smile,

The gift of two words . . . thank you,

The gift of seeing a face light up with joy,

The gift of seeing a wheelchair adorned with a colorful tissue-paper flower,

The gift of seeing a resident place the red flower he had been given into a vase, then tapping me on the shoulder as his face radiantly beamed loving appreciation.

Yes, for approximately 20 minutes, I played flower-delivery man.

And . . .

As a result now, I’m filled to overflowing with an abundance of life’s joy.

I’m so aware right now how simple serving the world can be.

Many of the residents at the nursing center are no longer able to engage in conversations filled with words.

Yet, they do engage in the most meaningful conversations from the heart . . . a smile and twinkling eyes.

Yes, my aging gracefully journey is awakening me to life’s magnificence and how easy serving can be . . . when I show up in my heart, create from my heart, and give from my heart.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob