On my aging gracefully journey during my Plus 50 years, I find the time each day to draw.

I love to draw. I love to take a blank piece of paper and, with pen in my right hand, let myself discover the image awaiting me.

With just a few strokes of the pen, I’m filled with such joy as a face begins to reveal itself to me. I smile, and the emerging face in a special way returns the smile.

When I was a kid and in Act 1 of my life, a favorite Saturday afternoon activity was to go with my friends to the Strand Theater in downtown East Moline.

The movie cost 50¢. Popcorn was 10¢ a bag. For less than a dollar my friends and I had such fun.

This past winter, a memory of a movie seen at the Strand Theater came for a brief visit. It was a movie starring Doris Day, Rock Hudson, and Tony Randall. The title of the film was Pillow Talk.

I began to hear Doris Day singing the title song from the movie, and with its catchy lyrics and beat, I noted an idea beginning to percolate with me.

Then one February afternoon I made my first visit to Jo-Ann Fabrics and purchased some muslin material and pillow stuffing.

Not knowing how to sew, I sought the assistance of a friend, who made me 10 little pillows.

The blank pillows sat around for several months, finding lodging in a closet; and there they hung out until this past weekend.

Now you may think . . . out of sight, out of mind . . . this was not the case!

I was simply waiting for pillowing inspiration to come for a visit.

And . . .

Last Saturday . . . Pillowing Inspiration knocked at the door to my heart, and I invited him/her to come on in.

Ten little blank pillows and I had a face-to-face meeting.

With black marker in hand, I discovered 10 faces awaiting me.

Ten characters have emerged on to the pillow scene.

Who are these characters?

Well, one way I can describe them to you is they’re my inner voices, limiting me in some way from living fully my Act 3’s aging gracefully journey.

I call them my Pillow Talkers.

Now, I really like the term Pillow Talkers.

And I really liked the movie Pillow Talk . . . the first time I saw it.

So today I thought I might check online and see what I discover about Pillow Talk.

Sure enough there was Doris and Rock and something else . . . referring to intimate conversation following intimate behavior.

Well, my Pillow Talkers when I look at them face-to-face are indeed begging me for some meaningful, intimate conversation; and they are feeling very strongly the need to connect with me.

So, I’ll start here today, introducing you to a caste member from the Pillow Talkers.

Let me introduce to you . . . OMG.

OMG is known for giving stellar performances when he feels a scene from life calls for worrying.

Well,  right now . . . OMG is talking loudly to me, begging for some one-to-one quality time.

You see, OMG is not so certain that sharing Pillow Talkers with the world is the right thing to do.

How does OMG appear on the stage of his pillow’s scene?

OMG shows up in his dramatic role, right in character . . . wide-eyed; spiked, fiery-red hair; and with his mouth open, as if he is screaming very loudly.

I look at OMG.

I listen to OMG.

I acknowledge his voice.

I recognize there was a time when I would have followed his lead and deleted this blogging post, having never followed through in sharing it with you.

However, in my Act 3, I’m practicing listening to listen to my heart and following its lead. It’s guiding me along my aging gracefully journey.

I’m leaning that when my heart’s creative joy juice shows up, to partake in it and to share it with others.

So I make peace with the voice of OMG, and turn the pillow over.

And what do I see now?

An empty canvas . . .

An empty canvas awaiting my joyful creation, sharing an intimate moment of  joy with you.

And what do I see emerging upon the pillow’s blank stage?

I see a big, pulsating, joy-filled heart and your humongous smile.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob