Here I am on my aging gracefully journey doing what I most love to do . . . having fun, playing the role of a man in his plus 50 years.

Yes, I’m choosing to have fun, playing the game of life’s aging process.

To me, there’s no other choice. This is the way my heart is encouraging me to play this role.

Just like a stage actor, I too have a stage on which to perform.

Right now my stage is in Austin, Texas, near 5th and Lamar.

I have my laptop set up so that I can look out at the street traffic and the beautiful blue skies.

I hear music playing in the background, the Beatles singing Hey Jude.

My fingers are dancing across the keyboard. My body is swaying, following the rhythms of music from the Beatles.

How could I not be having fun right now?

Yeah, here I am living my someday today, learning how best to play this plus 50s’ guy role.

During my high school days, I loved being in plays.

The first play I appeared in was a musical, Babes in Arms. I played the role of Gus.

I recited lines and sang and danced.

We practiced and practiced under the direction of John W. Stevens, preparing for the April opening night.

I learned in the role of Gus to memorize lines.

I learned in the role of Gus to sing love songs.

I learned in the role of Gus to dance on stage.

I learned through the Babes in Arms experience to love play practice and the process of creating a character and playing him on stage.

So . . . at this very moment, the plus 50 guy’s role I’m playing is that of a writer, sharing his journey in aging gracefully.

The prop is my laptop.

The audience is you.

Do you hear the aging gracefully music playing in your heart?

Are you ready to take center stage in your Act 3, having fun creating a magnificent character to play through your plus 50 years?

If so, listen . . .

The Beatles are playing Hey Jude, encouraging you and me to dance upon the stage of life, having fun today and every day playing the music of our hearts through our plus 50 years.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob