Today my aging gracefully journey began with an early morning walk in Austin’s downtown canyons.

The sky was just showing signs of the new day’s beginning.

I stood at 4th and Nueces, taking a few deep breaths.

I noted nearby the construction workers, gathering to begin their work day in constructing the new court house.

For a few minutes, I just stood and observed the life happening around the construction site.

The observations served me well, providing me with nourishing food for thought on my early morning trek.

As a kid, I didn’t spend much time playing with tinker toys or Erector sets.

I tended to enjoy playing outdoors . . . running, bicycling, playing tag or kick-the-can, or hide ‘n seek.

I also loved using my playful imagination in creating stories with make-believe characters and then acting them out.

The creative, imaginative play added such a joyful juiciness to my day-to-day living.

As a kid sitting in the classroom, my imagination took me on marvelous journeys away from the academic world of fill-in-the-blank worksheets and workbooks.

I loved to color; however, coloring as an academic subject was left behind in Mrs. Bossaert’s kindergarten classroom.

So I learned to color my world through my imagination, feeding myself doses of joy by hanging out in my creative imagination and telling myself stories encouraging me to love my life.

Interesting how today I would stand in awe observing the construction process of a new downtown building, noting in particular how it first began in someone’s creative imagination and in a story constructed about the future building.

In the hot days of summer here in Austin, the temperatures do sizzle. By doing early morning walking, it enables me to get ahead of the triple digit temperatures.

Yet, today I found myself walking in the cooler early morning hours, sizzling with loving . . . loving the art of constructing good stories for living.

Sizzling with loving for my playful, creative imagination.

Sizzling with loving for me and the stories my heart has been feeding me all through the years, providing me with the impetus to step into my plus 50 years with my heart’s joy leading me on my aging gracefully Act 3 journey.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob