As a kid on school field trips, we’d sing the song, “Ninety-nine Bottles of  Beer on the Wall.”

I can remember the smile on the teacher, Mr. Frank Brooks’s face as we’d begin singing, Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer. Take one down, and pass it around.

We’d always do our best to sing our way to the one bottle of beer on the wall.

It wasn’t until later when I became an elementary school teacher that I fully understood Mr. Brooks’s smile. Hearing my students from Audubon School sing the song brought back fond memories of my growing-up years.

I’m discovering in my daily visits to the Deep Eddy Pool a similar kind of experience happening.

Deep Eddy Pool was built in 1915; that means Deep Eddy Pool is age 95.

In the hot summer days as a kid growing up in the Quad-Cities, I loved going to the Moline Swimming Pool, located at Riverside Park. It was a magnificent swimming facility.

The deepest water was located in the middle section of the pool. There was an incredible high-dive and two low-diving boards.

Located at the both ends of the pool were the shallow-water sections. At one end, there were two slides, that as a young kid seemed to stand so very tall.

On hot summer days, the Moline pool was packed.

It was always such a treat to go to the Moline pool. The facility had dressing rooms that had no roof, so that it was almost like undressing outdoors.

The second floor of the facility had the refreshment stand and a jukebox. Swimming was always followed by the purchase of a treat and to stand around and watch the older teenagers put coins in the jukebox and dance to the latest hits.

A number of years ago, I returned to Riverside Park and discovered the old Moline Swimming Pool was no longer there. It had been torn down and replaced by a Water Park.

I must admit that I felt saddened to see the old Moline Swimming Pool gone.

I’m discovering in my morning visit’s to Big Eddy Pool, I’m swimming in the fond memories of the Moline Swimming Pool’s waters.

There’s something quite magical about swimming in a pool that’s been playing host to swimmers for 95 years.

The waters of Big Eddy Pool are naturally fed by a well.

Indeed the waters are cool, but very refreshing and, oh, so invigorating.

I noted today the experience Big Eddy Pool provides naturally creates a community spirit.

People talk to each other.

People engage in conversations.

People share openly the joy they tap into swimming in the waters of Big Eddy Pool.

I’ve belonged to some really nice health club facilities with the latest, most-up-to-date workout machines, pools, saunas, steam rooms, and so on.

The one ingredient I’ve found missing in these ultra-modern health club facilities is a warm and nurturing community spirit.

Nurturing a warm community spirit was a job the old Moline Swimming Pool did so well.

Nurturing a warm community spirit is something that 95 year-old Big Eddy Pool continues to do today; and the Big Eddy Pool does it so well . . . that the Austin Friends of Big Eddy Pool is honoring Big Eddy Pool this year.

I do believe Big Eddy Pool has a message for us all.

Do you hear the Big Eddy Pool’s message calling out to you, percolating in your heart?

I’m sure through the years, filtering through the air, the Big Eddy Pool has heard a few of the repetitive choruses of Ninety-nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall; and I’ll bet that with each chorus the Big Eddy Pool heard, it naturally warmed up the waters just a bit.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob