There I was a few minutes before 8 AM on this Sunday morning, standing in line waiting for Big Eddy Pool to open.

I’m discovering how Big Eddy Pool has a loyal following of swimmers.

I’m also discovering by swimming in the waters of the 95 year-old Big Eddy Pool that wisdom about life is being revealed to me.

Each morning I show up at the Big Eddy Pool, the cool, refreshing water has a way of awakening me to an aha! moment about the magnificence of life.

This morning a group of swimmers met to honor a fellow swimmer’s birthday. Their goal was to celebrate the guy’s birthday by the group’s collaborative efforts in swimming a total of 100 laps in under one hour.

So this morning, the Big Eddy Pool was filled with the celebrating 100 energy.

I swam in that celebratory energy today, celebrating 100, too . . . 100 consecutive days of writing and posting a blog.

Yes, for 100 consecutive days I’ve sat in front of my laptop, allowing my fingers to dance joyfully across the keyboard, tapping a different blog message for 100 days.

I remember May 1st, sitting here writing a blog, wondering if I might be able to post a blog a day for the month of May.

I did.

I remember June 1st, thinking to myself . . . can I continue through the month of June?

I did.

And then July 1st arrived. I counted the days, realizing that if I committed to continuing through the month of July, I would be so very close to 100 consecutive blog postings.

I felt a lot of creative juice percolating in my heart and decided 100 it would be.

In kindergarten, there is a 100th day of school celebration.

I’ve been hearing ad on the cable channel TNT promoting 100 days of drama.

Me, I’m celebrating 100 days of posting a blog. There is no drum roll. It’s just a simple fact about my very ordinary life.

So what wisdom did the Big Eddy Pool awaken me to today?

Well, at Big Eddy Pool today, I simply swam a stroke at a time, synchronizing my breathing with the swimming strokes.

No big deal . . . this is just what I did in the invigorating waters of the Big Eddy Pool.

So in getting to 100 consecutive days of posting a blog the same truth I’ve discovered applies.

Each day I simply jumped into the creative waters, taking the time to sit down in front of my laptop and let my fingers freely go tap, tap, tapping across the keyboard, writing words and sentences and paragraphs and blogs . . . doing so one letter at a time.

The blog-a-day messages have provided me with insights to better understand myself . . . and to hear my voice . . . my authentic voice, speaking directly to me the truth and the wisdom of my heart.

And so I’ve achieved the goal of 100.

What’s next?

Another day and the opportunity to continue onward and upward, swimming in the creative waters and in making blogging discoveries about the magnificence of my ordinary life.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob