I’m sitting here at my lap top, waiting for inspiration to come tap me on the shoulder and say, here’s the blog topic for today.

I note as I sit and wait, nothing happens.

Something does begin to happen when I simply start moving my fingers, tap, tap, tapping across the keyboard . . . I discover inspiration joins me as my dancing partner.

Early this morning I sat at 4th and Nueces, enjoying a Major Taylor cup o’ joe, served at the Juan Pelota Cafe.

The cafe opens at 7 AM. I entered at 7:01 AM.

While serving up my cup o’ joe, the server and I caught the Spirited Express. We smiled and conversed about our love affair with the Major Taylor blend.

The conversation was simply based on the experience of joy. The server and I volleyed a joyful banter back and forth, not really thinking about what we were saying or what we were about to say. We were simply showing up in joy and riding the Spirited Express.

I love riding the Spirited Express.

The Spirited Express awakens me early in the morning and beckons me to get into the world’s daily groove, riding upon the waves of joy.

From the Juan Pelota Cafe, I went to Deep Eddy Pool.

Again I rode upon the Spirited Express; it provided me with a nudge to jump into the pool’s refreshingly cool and invigorating waters.

Following the swim, I engaged in a conversation with a fellow swimmer at Deep Eddy Pool.

We rode the Spirited Express as we chatted.

I did note there were no cell phones nearby.

We were simply present, being right there at Deep Eddy Pool, fully awake.

I remember my 4th grade teacher at Hillcrest School. Her name was Mrs. Nelson. I loved the way she started the school day. She began the day by engaging her students in conversation.

Mrs. Nelson would take attendance, finishing it by saying, “All present today and accounted for.”

Those of us in her in class would laugh, and with the laughter and following conversation, we’d ease our way into the day of learning at Hillcrest School.

And so today, Mrs. Nelson, I’m thinking of you and thanking you, for instilling in me in 4th grade the powerful message of beginning the day, catching the Spirited Express.

How sweet my day is when I discover fellow riders on the Spirited Express, people present in the moment, willing to share a smile and a laugh and a conversation that volleys with joy.

Indeed catching the Spirited Express early in the day primes the pump of my heart for a day filled with living and learning and loving.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob