Yeah, it’s Saturday morning; supposedly a day of the week when I can sleep in.

However, today I chose to arise long before the sun and make my way to Austin’s Barton Springs for an early morning swim.

I headed to Zilker Park, thinking I’d be there ahead of the crowd. To my surprise, I discovered the parking lot filled at 5:45 AM. Others had gotten the same message as me . . . Barton Springs is the place to be on an early Saturday morning.

The pool at Barton Springs is massive, filled by invigoratingly cool water from Main Barton Spring.

I was joined by lots of triathletes, preparing for upcoming triathlons.

Me . . . I was simply going for an early morning swim, basically getting myself into the flow of the day.

Amazing, swimming in the dark, catching glimpses off in the distance of the Austin skyline . . . you might even say that it was a magical, morning swim.

I know the term revelry conjures up images of noisy partying and merry-making.

There wasn’t a lot of noise at Barton Springs.

The only sounds were made by the swimmers whose merry-making strokes hitting the water created ripples of joy.

The morning swim at Barton Springs, as daylight was appearing across the sky, provided me with such a joyful baptism into the day.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob