Monday, Monday, Monday it is, and I’m not singing the Monday morning blues.

My song for this Monday is an upbeat one, filled with the joyfully-alive vitality of my heart.

What prompted a shift from the blues to a song of joy?

Well, when my cat Spooner jumped on my bed at 5 AM today, letting me know he thought it was time to get up, I must admit I felt myself on the verge of singing the blues.

However, with Spooner cuddling close to my side, he nuzzled his way into my heart, coaxing me to get up and move into the day.

My first stop was in the canyons of downtown Austin and doing my morning hike.

At first, I hiked with the blues; but the more I moved and watched the sun rising in the morning sky, my spirits began to lift, too.

At the conclusion of my walk, I met Major Taylor, my favorite coffee blend, at Juan Pelota Cafe.

The server with his playful spirit sparked the upbeat tune in my heart, encouraging me to wake up to the joy that was in the air and to step fully into the day.

I sat at a table outdoors, sipping my Major Taylor cup o’ joe and listening to the most amazing collection of classical music the Juan Pelota server had selected to play.

At a table nearby, a woman sat; she, too, being transported by her cup o’ morning joe and the classical music serenading the two of us on this Monday morning.

Few words were exchanged between the two of us, mostly smiles beaming the radiance of our hearts’ joy.

From Juan Pelota to Deep Eddy Pool, I traveled, ready to jump into the invigorating spring-fed waters of Deep Eddy.

When I checked in at the entrance to the pool, I gave the attendant a five dollar bill, expecting four singles back . . . since I’m most definitely in the senior class.

Instead, he gave me two singles, indicating I was being charged for a regular admission.

When I pointed out his error, he looked at me as if to say, Sure, buddy!?!?!

For a moment, I took his questioning attitude as an honor, thinking I was a still a kid.

Memories of the Strand Theater in downtown East Moline flashed a scene from my Act 1, me being asked for proof that I still was the age to pay child admission.

A second scene from my Act 1 quickly followed.

Me at the University of Illinois, entering Kam’s, the best and most-frequently visited place on campus to enjoy a beer or two . . . and there I was at the door to Kam’s, being carded for proof that I was the legal age of 21.

And now today at Deep Eddy Pool, I was being questioned that I was indeed a member of the senior class.

I’m wondering to myself why today after many visits to Deep Eddy Pool was I suddenly being asked to prove my age.

My response is  . . . I was so filled to overflowing with the ageless quality of my heart’s joy.

A lesson for me in living my plus 50 retirement years in recognizing the power I have in choosing to leave behind the blues and sing, sing, sing, the joyous songs of my heart!

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob