“Give me just a smidgen of the Major Taylor.” I said to the Juan Pelota Cafe coffee server.

She quickly responded, “You mean just a titch.”

For a brief moment or two we stood face to face, beaming heartfelt smiles while volleying the joy of just a smidgen and just a titch back and forth across the counter.

Me . . .  just-the-smidgen guy requesting a Major Taylor refill in my cup o’ joe; the coffee server just-a-titch gal, delightfully re-filling my cup o’ Major Taylor joe.

Filled by the joyful volley of a smidgen and titch, I headed to the Deep Eddy Pool to swim my morning laps.

The lanes at Deep Eddy Pool were filled by morning swimmers, jumping into the day by partaking in the experience of Deep Eddy’s invigorating spring-fed water.

Completing my laps, a twenty-something male swimmer greeted me with a smile, preparing to jump into the lane I had warmed up for him.

For a moment or two, the two of us continued in a new version of a just-a-smidgen and just-a-titch conversation.

We were simply two guys standing at the side of the pool, taking time to smile with life.

We stood shoulder to shoulder, enjoying the moment together and creating the heart-to-heart space for a joyful volley to occur between the two of us.

Yes, I’m reminded today in the power of taking just a smidgen or just a titch of time to connect with the people I encounter through the day.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob