Happy Friday . . . TGIF . . . and all that good stuff!

Here I am feeling my oats . . . my joy-filled oats.

Yeah, doom ‘n gloomers, I’m feeling my heart’s joy and am very much aware of what the creative, joy-filled juices of my heart are encouraging me to do.

So here I am on this TGIF, celebrating and honoring life’s joy . . . life’s joy that’s happening today and every day.

Do you hear me, doom ‘n gloomers?!?!?

Man, I realize how through the years I’ve chosen, yes, chosen, to acquiesce to your attitude raining on my attitude of playing the game of life with joy.

Yeah, I bought into your cloudy view.

Yeah, I stifled myself when in your presence, holding back from expressing the joy in my heart . . . hesitant to creating waves that might create the doom ‘n gloomers’ thunderous, stormy reaction.

Well, bottom line . . . I’ve had enough of the restraining myself . . . I’m simply allowing my heart’s light to shine brightly; and if this upsets you, doom ‘n gloomers, too bad.

Yeah, one of the joys of living in the plus 50 Act 3 retirement years is realizing what’s most important about life . . . and for me, it’s owning the joy of my heart . . . speaking up and being seen . . . and being heard.

Two doors away from the house at 449 where I spent my growing-up years was the First Methodist Church. This was the place where the McCreight family attended church each week.

Before entering the sanctuary each Sunday, there were greeters there to welcome the church-goers.

I can see the smiling faces of the sixty-plus years’ Lundahl “girls”, Birdie and Minnie, standing there, greeting me, young Bobby McCreight. I’d shake their hands and return each of their smiles.

Week after week, that’s the way it was . . . a different duo, offering a smile and good wishes . . . Millie and Clair Lundeen, Boots and Hazel Frazier, Ernie and Lavina Taylor, Lee and Dorothy Gruenwald, Orpha Griffin and my grandmother, Lois Hanson, Mac and Muriel McCreight . . . and so on.

Today greeters on the day of worship are still welcoming people into churches across the USA.

Well, I believe that life offers us the opportunity to experience each day in the bigger sanctuary of life . . . the sacred real world.

So doom ‘n gloomers be aware, if I greet you with a smile and good cheer, you’re simply not gonna rain on my parade.

I’ve had enough of your doom and gloom. I’m letting my heart’s LIGHT shine brightly; and if I my heart’s LIGHT creates shadows for you . . . too bad.

Yeah, today is TGIF. Tomorrow and the following day are TGIS.

And then guess what?!?!? It’s TGIM!

And be aware that like any other day, I’m letting my heart’s LIGHT shine brightly and am leading a parade of joy . . .  that’s right . . . a parade of joy today and every day.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob