I called my grandmother, Mom; she lived with us.

I loved Mom; I so enjoyed spending time with her and just hanging out with her.

Mom loved to spend time in the kitchen, baking and cooking for her family. She was just naturally drawn to the kitchen. She was like an artist in what she created from scratch.

Mom was known for her braided coffee cake, butterhorn rolls, chocolate cake, home-made pies . . . all created from scratch. She didn’t go to the grocery store looking for packaged goods. She loved taking the basics and creating masterpieces for her world . . . the McCreight family and friends.

I loved as a little kid being in the kitchen when Mom was baking . . . especially her chocolate cake. She’d let me lick the spoon after she was done mixing the cake batter. With a smile on her face, she’d hand me the spoon and ask, “Would you like to  help me by cleaning the spoon?”

No hesitation on my part, I’d take the spoon in my hand and couldn’t help but to go, “Yum, yum, yum!”

Through the years, I knew when I got home from school that I’d find Mom in the kitchen, preparing dinner for the family.

I loved to sneak up behind her as she stood at the stove, tap her on the shoulder, and say, “Momba-Marie, do you want to dance with me?”

Mom would turn around, face me, and for a moment or two we’d waltz around the small space of the kitchen’s dance floor.

I was with Mom when she passed on. I remember her last breaths. My mother, dad, and I stood by the side of her Lutheran Hospital bed, quietly honoring her for her contributions of sweet loving to the family.

Mom was devoted to her family. She loved my sister, Lois, and me. She loved being a part of our day-to-day lives, sharing her beautiful, sweet presence with us, through her culinary gifts and her amazing ability to sew.

Mom had such a peaceful, quiet presence about her that served the McCreight family so well through the years she lived with us.

I always knew as a kid I was blessed to have both my mother and mom in the home. Both demonstrated a powerful sweetness in their loving devotion to the family; and how grateful I am for this.

Mother and Mom, two magnificent women, who showered their sweet loving upon on me . . . instilling in me from the time I was a little boy to a grown man, a powerful message for living each day, Life is sweet.

Life is sweet, especially when giving and sharing abundantly from the heart to the family . . . the family of mankind.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob