I’ve decided the best way to handle living during my Act 3 is to build a portfolio of kindness, investing in it daily and sharing its returns.

I personally love the idea of building a portfolio of kindness for my plus-50 retirement years; and by focusing on kindness, naturally adding to my health and well-being and happiness.

Building a retirement years’ portfolio on kindness has a lot of juice for me; in fact, my heart is percolating such joy with the idea of building a portfolio of kindness.

My experience through the years approaching retirement was the focus in building a portfolio was not on building kindness to generate kind returns . . . it seemed to more focused on feeding fear and painting pictures of a doom ‘n gloom end of life.

And so you might say, I’m exploring new territory here by building a portfolio of kindness.

Simple gestures of kindness expressed day by day, building big returns in and through my heart.

And so what have I done today to add to my portfolio of kindness?

I’ve been smiling at life, especially when my mind decided to throw up a dust ball of doubt, clouding my vision momentarily.

Interesting how I used the term throw up.

I recall one day while teaching 5th grade at Rock Island’s Audubon School, kneeling beside the desk of a student named, Chris, helping him do an assignment.

Suddenly Chris threw up all over the top of the desk.

We didn’t analyze the problem; we simply moved into action, cleaning up both Chris and the desk.

The best thing I’ve discovered to do when the mind throws up a dust ball of doubt is to use a similar approach . . . simply acknowledge it by saying, “I see you there doubt; and guess what? I’m not going to feed you at all!”

Amazing what can happen.

I’m learning how doubt loves to be fed with more doubt.

Well, there’s no room in my portfolio of kindness for doubt . . . no room at all.

I’m recognizing that in my portfolio of kindness I carry my artist tools; sketch pad and pen ready to shower upon the world art from my heArt.

Yesterday afternoon, I spent an hour volunteering at the Retirement Nursing Center, carrying my portfolio of kindness from resident to resident

One-by-one, I met with seven residents, creating for each one a personalized Coach drawing and message.

I was paid by the smiles I received in return; my goodness, my portfolio of kindness was so abundantly filled by the seven residents at RNC, so willing to open their hearts to me and pay me with smiles from their hearts so radiantly bright.

One resident in receiving the art, looked at me and said, “Your art is a gift from God.”

And so here I am today, noting that my portfolio of kindness is ready to share God’s gift of art expressing through me with a world looking to invest in building portfolios of kindness, benefiting future generations with a kind world in which to reside.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob