I’m sitting here at my lap top; noting my attention being drawn to some pictures located nearby; photos capturing moments in my life and serving to inspire and uplift me in living my life now.

One picture was taken a number of years ago during a trip to New Zealand’s South Island.

In a moment of time captured on film, I’m sitting in a Shotover Jet with a big smile on my face and with waves of water splashing up on me.

The photo captures the joy I experience in living fully the adventures of life.

What a great reminder for me today, remembering I’m on a journey and that the way to get the most out of any journey is to embrace it with my heart’s joy and simply allow the joy to create splashes of happiness, blessing me and those with whom I share today’s adventures in living.

A second picture, taken a several years ago, shows me in Chicago at a park located along the shores of Lake Michigan.

In a moment of time captured on film, I’m holding my bike high, up over my head.

I’m wearing a big smile after completing a six-day cycling trip from Minneapolis to Chicago.

The photo captures my heart’s courage and strength and its passion to live fully, traveling along life’s journey . . . through the rain, momentary uphill struggles, and through some intensely hot, muggy, summertime conditions.

This picture serves as a reminder for me today to keep on keepin’ on even when the conditions of life seem to be the most challenging.

I’m also aware of another photo that tenderly touches and warms my heart. It’s a picture of my mother, Muriel, who passed on exactly two years ago today.

This picture shows a moment in time during my mother’s life and radiates to me today and every day the sweetness of her soul.

And so as I write today, I’m tapping into these photos to serve me and inspire me in living my life now.

Photos, capturing moments in time, revealing the qualities of courage, strength, and joy that I’ve experienced during my life and are readily available for me to tap into now.

Yes, I recognize how deeply these qualities are woven into the tapestry of my being.

And I acknowledge the sweet-loving of my mother, Muriel, is forever vibrantly alive in my heart today and every day!

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob