I slept late this morning; I didn’t get up until 5:20 AM.

I know what you’re probably thinking . . . that’s late?!?!?

Well, my plan was to be at Stacy Pool, located in south Austin, around the time it opened at 6 AM.

It’s at least a 25-minute drive from my home to the pool. I realized immediately there was no way I was going to be there when the pool opened for the day.

I quickly accepted the fact and simply got into the natural flow to the beginning of my day, doing my regular start-of-the-day routines.

I didn’t rush about.

I didn’t try to hurry myself along.

I simply took one step at a time, heading out my front door at 6 AM.

I noted every now and then a voice in my head, ready to feed me with negative comments about the start to my day and my running late.

Well, I simply deleted the negative thoughts as they appeared; and, in doing so, I noted an increasing awareness on my part of a sense of freedom in my morning movements and drive downtown.

I arrived at Stacy Pool around 6:30 AM. The parking lot was full. An indication to me, the lap lanes would be full, too.

As I got out of my car, I noted the negative picture my mind was on the verge of painting . . . me sitting at the side of the pool, waiting impatiently for a swimming lane to open.

Oh, my mind was struggling, wanting to feed impatience. I noted this and decided to say no and delete the mind’s feeding me impatience.

I consciously decided that I’d be willing to sit patiently at the side of the pool and await the opening of a swimming lane.

As I walked along the path towards the pool, I got a clearer view of Stacy Pool in the early morning hours.

And I observed an open lane.

It was almost like the lane was calling out to me, Hey, Bob, for your willingness to go with the flow of your morning . . . here we are waiting just for you.

Yes, this morning I was reminded of the power I have in freely choosing my thoughts.

Freedom rang true for me this morning, freely choosing to accept where I was each step of the way, choosing to go with the day’s flow.

Stroke by stroke as I swam at Stacy Pool this morning, I felt as though I was swimming in the refreshing currents of life’s freedom . . . freedom to simply accept life and freely surrender to the flow of life through me.

And so I’m choosing this day to invest in Freedom, adding it to my retirement portfolio’s daily investments.

What an interesting concept . . . investing in Freedom now . . . consciously choosing to be free right now, living in the present moment freely at home in my heart.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob