Hello September 2010,

I was so glad to greet you today by arising early and taking a swim in Barton Springs.

Yes, you encouraged me when arriving at Barton Springs Pool to take three steps and dive into the invigorating spring-fed water.

I love the morning ritual of swimming and the sharing of it with like-minded individuals who so enjoy taking a dip in Barton Springs to begin their day.

There’s something rather symbolic for me about taking a plunge on the first day of the month . . . it’s setting the sweet, harmonious tone for me and you, September.

I recall during my Act 1 and Act 2 years, how you, September, meant going back to school.

I loved you then and I love you now for providing me with that sense of launching myself into the fresh feeling of a new school year.

I discovered this quote from my Spiritual teacher, John Morton:

. . . to make an effort to be with God’s view of what’s taking place, all the time. It’s important to make that a priority in your life, to just say, “Okay, God. What do You think? What’s Your view on this?”

So, September 2010, my good friend, and I say to God,

What do You think about me and this month of September 2010?

What’s Your view, God, on how the two us, me and September 2010, can flourish through the 30 days serving You and mankind?

I’m listening, God, ready and willing to follow my heart, nurturing a de-Lightfully collaborative partnership with September 2010!

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob