Hey 9/2/10,

I’m here with you, listening and responding to your creative flow.

My fingers are dancing upon the keyboard.

I admit my heart is percolating joy, hearing the tap, tap, tapping sounds my fingers are making as they touch a key, one at a time.

I awaken to the message . . . slowly, but confidently.

I don’t wonder what to type.

I simply let my fingers follow my heart’s inspiration, basically taking a step at a time, harmonizing with the present tense.

And while my fingers are doing their tap dance, I’m simply breathing and following my breath; and in doing so, I’m peacefully residing full time in the present tense.

Wow, I do love living in the present tense of life!

Maybe this is the reason why I so enjoy the morning’s swim at Barton Springs Pool.

Some people might say, “Hey, Bob, you’ve already written about your love of the morning swim.”

I admit I have; however, I’m noting now how the swimming encourages me  into living in the groove of the present tense . . . living so peacefully moment by moment.

And so, 9/2/10, here we are together a team, enjoying the now, the present tense.

And yes, there is a creative beat to you, 9/2/10; I really get your beat when I slow down, living right here, right now in the moment, simply breathing a breath at a time.

So simple it is to do.

My mind doesn’t quite get it; and that’s OK; my heart is loving living in the present tense . . . and following the natural beat of life that’s playing in perfect harmony with my heartbeat.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob