Thirty days ago I said yes to a commitment.

One night while in conversation with a friend, I caught a picture in my mind.

The picture showed me at Austin’s Deep Eddy Pool beginning the day with an early morning swim.

The picture presented to me was so vividly clear.

The next morning I simply followed my intuition to Deep Eddy Pool; and to the beginning of a 30-day commitment to jump start my day with an early morning swim.

And so today, 9/3/10 was the 30th day.

Through the month, I’ve made some wonderful discoveries of early morning places to swim . . . Deep Eddy Pool, Stacy Pool, and Barton Springs Pool.

Both Deep Eddy and Barton Springs are fed by natural springs; and both provided me with such invigorating starts to my day.

Today, Day #30, I was greeted in the early morning hours by the sounds of rain.

So deep was my commitment that the picture I captured upon arising this morning showed me at Barton Springs gracefully swimming.

I simply followed my intuition to Barton Springs.

On the drive south on Mo-Pac, I drove through intermittent showers.

I kept on, driving through the rain showers towards my morning’s goal of swimming in Barton Springs.

Arriving at the pool, I noted there were fewer cars in the parking lot and also that the rain had subsided.

The weather was providing me with a window of rainless weather to jump into the Barton Springs Pool and swim to my heart’s delight.

So warmly embraced I was by the spring-fed water; it seemed as if Barton Springs knew that I was achieving my 30-day commitment.

I swam.

I swam.

I swam.

There was no applause to greet me.

There were no shouts, “Way to go, Bob!”

It was just me and a few other swimmers in Barton Springs Pool.

None of the other swimmers knew of the goal I had achieved today; however, I knew and that was the most important thing.

As I was finishing up the time in the water, I felt raindrops peppering me from above.

I felt as if the raindrops were blessing me.

You might even say that I felt as if the raindrops were applauding my efforts, and cheering, “Way to go, Bob!’

And now that the 30-day commitment to swimming was achieved, what’s next?

Well, Day #31, 9/4/10, will find me at Barton Springs Pool, swimming and connecting to the beginning of another magnificent day on planet Earth, and expressing my deep commitment to living, learning, and loving.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob