Snoozing away on a Saturday morning I am; suddenly I feel my cat, Spooner, nudging me.

I roll over and pet Spooner and get a glimpse of the clock, noting the time.

5:30 AM; wow, I think to myself; Saturday morning and I’m sleeping in.

In a flash, I capture an image, showing me at Barton Springs Pool, swimming on this Saturday morning as the sun is rising over Austin.

I simply know this is where I am to be in one hour.

I get up, going through my morning routine, step-by-step . . . almost as if in slow motion.

There is no sense of rushing. I seem to be flowing effortlessly with the early morning, peacefully preparing my bag and filling it with my swimming gear.

I leave home at 5:55 AM.

I begin the 25-minute commute, heading south on MoPac. There is little to no traffic.

Arriving at Barton Springs Pool, I find a parking space awaiting me.

I enter the pool area.

I take off my watch, noting the time, 6:30 AM.

I descend the steps into the cool, invigorating spring-fed Barton Springs water, consciously aware of being now in the vision that was presented to me upon awakening.

I feel like I’m filled to over-flowing with gratitude.

So grateful I am for Spooner’s early-morning nudge and for my capturing and responding to the 5:30 AM vision. Both, such gifts in waking me UP to the day.

And, yes, I’m grateful for me and my willingness to go with the flow of life . . . not thinking and pondering how to do, but simply arising and stepping into the vision presented to me . . . doing so by boldly taking a step at a time.

I submerge myself into the refreshing water of Barton Springs and begin swimming into the day . . . a day to be filled with the blessings of consciously being awake to the magnificence of life.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob