Sunday morning here in Austin, Texas and I’m doing an Austin-kind of start to my day.

Barton Springs Pool calls my name; and I show up there bright and early. The spring-fed water feeds my spirit so well.

Today as I begin swimming the eastern horizon is showing a rosy pink, indicating the sunrise is soon to be appearing.

I look up overhead, catching a glimpse of a crescent-shaped moon.

Wow, I think to myself, what an amazing way to begin a Sunday morning worship service, by swimming in the spring-fed waters of Barton Springs Pool.

While swimming a vision presents itself to me . . . a vision of Treaty Oak, located just a few minutes north of Barton Springs.

So strong is the pull to Treaty Oak, I simply relax and go with the natural, creative flow to the Sunday morning worship service, encouraging me to pay a respectful visit to Treaty Oak Park and tune-in to today’s sermon from Treaty Oak.

I stand in awe as I approach Treaty Oak, such an incredible master teacher on the art of aging gracefully.

I read a plaque placed nearby, noting the history of Treaty Oak . . . a live oak specimen estimated to have been standing in this same spot since a hundred years before Columbus landed in North America.

I walk around Treaty Oak, paying my respects to this wise elder and honoring its willingness to persevere so courageously for over 600 years.

I marvel at Treaty Oaks natural beauty, so elegantly shaped by its willingness to stand tall in itself through the years.

Nearby I spot a bench and sit down.

I breathe in the majestic wisdom being showered upon my spirit so generously by my friend, Treaty Oak.

I note to myself how the  combination of the morning swim in Barton Springs Pool followed by a visit to Treaty Oak Park has awakened me from head to toe and is taking me into a Higher ground in living today.

Yes, living from the perspective of the Higher ground serves me so well in awakening to and in seeing the magnificence of life.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob