The day had begun with an early morning swim at Barton Springs Pool followed by some quiet time, simply hanging out with the majestic 600 year-old Treaty Oak.

Now in the early evening hours, I stand in a beautiful outdoor setting at Austin’s Laguna Gloria, serving as a wedding officiant.

Prior to this evening’s wedding, the couple and I had met on several occasions, the groom born and raised in Germany and the bride pure American.

Together we developed a magnificent ceremony script so clearly representative of the couple’s deep loving.

I had practiced the script time and again; and in particular, the pronunciation of the groom’s first name.

I thought I had the pronunciation mastered.

And now mid-way through the ceremony, I’m standing under a canopy of trees, preparing to fill a German wedding-toasting cup with wine.

I look at the cup, a bit perplexed, wondering what to do with it. I’m momentarily mystified by its design. I hadn’t practiced filling the cup.

Suddenly the bride’s father appears, tapping me on the shoulder and standing to my right.

He quietly whispers to me, noting a slight correction in the pronunciation of the groom’s first name.

I’m so grateful for the information he’s presenting me.

He then generously offers his expertise in filling-the-German-toasting-cup.

I return to the couple, firstly apologizing for the pronunciation error, and then proceeding with the ceremony and in using the German toasting cup in the manner it was intended to be used.

As the ceremony proceeds, I note each time I say the groom’s name correctly I experience such gratitude for the wedding’s sequence of events.

Without the miscue in my pronunciation of the groom’s name, I realize the toasting cup would have been a ceremony miscue.

I’m also noting that I’m feeling so free in simply being present with the couple, their family, and friends; all gathered here at Laguna Gloria to share in this joyous occasion.

I’m free . . . totally free in being present with what is here now in the gorgeous Laguna Gloria setting.

I’m not pushing a replay button, going back in my mind to the beginning of the ceremony and wishing I could do it all over again.

No, I’ve simply continued to press the play button, moving freely forward moment-by-moment.

I’m aware how serving as the wedding officiant tonight is similar to the morning swim I did at Barton Springs Pool.

In the morning, I entered the water, taking a step at a time and then diving in head first, receiving an invigorating embrace from the supportive, spring-fed water.

While swimming, I focused on my strokes and breathing. I was not focusing on a replay of a past event in my life. I was continually pressing the play button, moving me forward through the water.

And so today I’ve traveled from the early morning swim at Barton Springs Pool and playing the role of swimmer to this evening’s outdoor setting at Laguna Gloria and playing the role of wedding officiant.

In both cases, swimming gracefully forward, simply breathing and pressing the play button of life, taking me, oh, so gracefully, into residing full-time in the next moment of life.

Yes, I recognize that life is truly magnificent when I’m willing to press the play button of life!

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob