The rain came sweeping into Austin, creating heavy downpours.

I had a hunch that Barton Springs Pool might be closed as a result. I pondered for a moment how I might find out for sure.

I then simply got up from my chair and followed my intuition that was encouraging me to turn on the TV.

At that very moment, I discovered on the local news channel a news update on Barton Springs Pool.

Sure enough the rains had turned Barton Springs into a raging river, thus closing Barton Springs Pool for several days for a clean up.

The newscaster added an additional note. She mentioned that Deep Eddy Pool would be opening earlier in order to take care of the early morning swimmers at Barton Springs Pool.

I noted to myself how perfect the timing was for me to receive this information.

I felt as if my intuition had sent me an instant message via the TV.

So this morning I was up bright and early and drove to Deep Eddy Pool.

The skies were still dark.

The lights were on; and I was joined in the pool by the Austin High School swim team.

I swam and I swam.

I breathed in the new day.

I swam so freely in the water.

My breathing and swimming strokes were so synchronized.

I realize that in listening to my heart yesterday and following its lead by saying No to a project opportunity that today I’m experiencing a lightness in my being and a greater openness to life.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been doing my early morning swimming at Barton Springs Pool.

The reason?

Barton Springs Pool opens three hours earlier; and I’ve discovered the joy I experience in jumping into the water and swimming first thing into the day.

You might even say, I had said No to Deep Eddy Pool in my choosing Barton Springs Pool. However, it was simply a preference, me preferring swimming before Deep Eddy’s daily opening at 8 AM.

Interesting the stuff that I had carried with me regarding using the word No.

And there I was early this morning receiving another lesson on No from my teacher Deep Eddy Pool.

Deep Eddy Pool held nothing against me for saying No to it for the past two weeks.

It welcomed me with bright lights and the joyful presence of the Austin High School swim team.

And so today I’m recognizing that in saying No I’m just indicating a preference and that it does not need to be defended, explained, or justified.

I’m aware that when I honor the truth of my heart, following its lead, I naturally attune to my intuition and awaken to the magnificence of life.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob