I’m moving; that’s right.

I’m moving from Northwest Austin to South Austin.

Soon I’ll be known officially as an Austin Bubba. I love the idea of entering the Austin Bubbahood.

Like a pair of shoes that no longer fit, I’ve recognized that the NW neighborhood of Austin where I’ve resided for the six plus years no longer fits me.

South Austin is calling my name; and I am accepting the call to serving in the South Austin Bubbahood.

I received an email earlier today from a friend of mine in Denver named Stephen.

Stephen is leading a group of seven men in climbing 23,000 feet to the summit of a mountain named Aconcagua, one of the highest mountains in the world. Currently the guys are preparing themselves for the climbing expedition.

Me . . . I’m involved in a slightly different kind of mountain climbing expedition. I’m in the midst right now of climbing Mt. Stuff.

Between now and the third week of October, I’ll be hiking through my apartment, sorting through stuff I’ve collected over the past six-plus years and through a lifetime.

I feel my heart encouraging me to do a major streamlining of stuff.

It seems to me that stuff has a way of multiplying, especially when the closets are big and the storage space is ample.

I grew up in a family of collectors. The home at 449 had a full basement and an attic, too. Both were filled to overflowing with stuff.

My sister and I assisted my mother several times in sorting through stuff and getting rid of stuff.

And now here I am in my Act 3, choosing to have a face-to-face meeting with my stuff.

My intention is to let go of lots of stuff; and the only way to accomplish this is to climb my Mt. Stuff.

I’ve sorted through photographs and am now down to basically one Keen shoebox filled with photos.

I’ve sorted through two filing cabinets and am down now to one filing system.

I’ve tossed oodles of stuff representative of me in the roles I played during my Act 2.

So, as you can see, I’ve gotten good traction on the start of the climb; and now its time to tackle the glassware and furnishings and knickknacks and other stuff hidden undercover in closets and drawers.

What’s helping me right now is a clear vision of the space that is awaiting me in South Austin; and also knowing that I am indeed yearning to travel much lighter during my Act 3.

As I sit here right now at my keyboard, I pause momentarily, looking around and wondering on my solo-climb up Mt. Stuff how I’m going to get from here to there.

My mind is struggling with the climb before me, it’s wanting to feed me with some mega-doses of impatience.

I recognize that I’ve got a choice . . . do I feed the impatience, or do I simply get up and move into action, taking a step at a time up my mountain of Mt. Stuff?!?!?

I choose the action, simply taking one step at a time.


Because . . .

I’m discovering in the sorting process an incredible healing is taking place.

And through the sorting process and my climb up Mt. Stuff, I’m awakening more fully to the magnificent life I lead through my Act 1 and Act 2; and this is enabling me to catch marvelous glimpses of the delightful Act 3 awaiting me, serving in the sweet South Austin Bubbahood.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob