I went to the University of Illinois; in fact, I graduated from Illinois in four years.

That’s quite an amazing fact to me, considering how much I struggled  in the academic world at Illinois.

I had no idea what I wanted to do after college. I simply knew that going to college was the thing for me to do.

I loved the social life at Illinois.

I may have indicated to the University that my major was Political Science; however, in reality, I majored in the social life.

As a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, it made socializing quite easy to do.

Homecoming was a big thing at Illinois.

Each year during Homecoming weekend, there was a big production at the Assembly Hall called Stunt Show, featuring originally-created musical shows by paired teams of a sorority and fraternity.

I recall my sophomore year we paired with Kappa Alpha Theta. There was a musical number we sang and danced to entitled, “Opportunity Knocks but Once.”

Well, I’ve learned through my Act 1 and Act 2 years as well as in my Act 3, that opportunity actually knocks more than once.

This morning I was standing in the breakfast-taco line at Whole Foods, waiting to place my special-taco order. I happened to overhear a conversation between two people standing nearby me.

I felt an impulse to jump into their conversation; however, I simply didn’t respond to the inner-urging.

And right in the midst of standing in the breakfast-taco line and over-hearing the conversation, my mind starting singing to me, Opportunity knocks but once so be sure to answer it.

Over and over again I repeatedly heard the line from that song.

The only thing I didn’t do was to break into a song and dance routine; although it might have been quite an exhilarating thing for me to do.

A short while later, I realized that this story about opportunity knocking but once I’d been running in my head was a song-and-dance story script that needed to be edited.

My new edited version of the story emphasizes that opportunity is always available and knocking at my door . . . right now.

I recognized while munching on my scrambled tofu taco that  just because I didn’t jump into the earlier standing-in-line conversation that this was just an indicator to me of the down-the-road-of-life opportunities awaiting me.

So as I digested my delicious breakfast tacos, I also digested this new life story script.

And in embracing this new story, I discovered myself awakening more fully to the magnificence of life and life’s abundance of opportunities always available and knocking at my door . . . . especially when I’m choosing to be awake to what life is offering me now.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob