The morning sky is still dark.

The lights are on at Deep Eddy Pool.

I stand on the edge of the pool, ready to leap into the cool, invigorating spring-fed water.

I take a leap into the water . . . aah, I feel so good and so awake to life!

I learned years ago while taking swimming lessons at the Moline YMCA that the only way I was going to learn to swim was by jumping into the water.

At first, I splashed about in the water.

However, the more willing I was to submerge my head into the water, the quicker I learned to float and to swim and to dive.

Throughout my life, I’ve been learning how true this is for living life . . . I’ve got to be willing to jump into life and learn the art of living through the practice of doing.

Have I always been willing to do this?


Well, now into my life’s Act 3, I realize . . . this is my FINAL Act.

This is it!

This is definitely the time of my life to ask: Life, what are you calling me to do?

And then listen to my heart and respond to my heart by taking a leap of faith and simply doing what life is calling me to do next.

I love the early morning swimming routine. It provides me with the daily experience of jumping into life and then swimming with life.

Last night I attended a volunteer orientation for Hospice Austin.

I feel an inner calling from my heart to work with the dying.

I recently discovered a book I had purchased in the early 1980’s at the Unabridged Bookstore in Chicago.

The book, entitled Meetings at the Edge, was authored by Stephen Levine.

I read this book following my dad’s passing on. The message in the book was pivotal in my moving through the grieving process and in preparing me years later to be more lovingly available to my mother as she lived her life’s final scenes.

I acknowledge as I live day by day in my life’s Act 3 that in order for me to live fully I need to make friends with death and dying.

Death and dying . . . yes, this is a fact of life.

A fact of life that our society tends not to want to talk about and openly engage in meaningful conversations.

Personally, I feel it’s time to bring death and dying out of the closet and shed some Light upon it.

Currently I’m in the process of streamlining my life.

I note my use of the word streamlining. I could also use the word downsizing.

This process is enabling me to review my life . . . Acts 1 and 2. And what I’m discovering through the process is a magnificent tapestry I have created with my life.

Amazingly I’m finding it much easier than I thought it would be to let go of things.

I realize the things are mementos I’ve collected along my life’s journey, and that these mementos are woven deeply into the tapestry of my being and who I am in my life’s Act 3.

Knowing this, I’m aware that I don’t need to keep things around me from the past  in order to have an identity for living in my life’s Act 3.

After all, during the final scene in my life’s Act 3, what am I going to be taking with me?

No things that’s for sure . . .

And so I’m choosing to downsize my life.

And this is clearly what I’m hearing Life calling me to do.

And by doing so, it frees me UP and enables me to live more fully present in the now, sharing openly with my family and friends the magnificence of my life.

And when I say my final good-bye, it will be blessed with a Lightness of being, knowing that I have jumped into living my life’s Act 3, swimming freely and so gracefully in the creative, Spirited currents of life.

And my legacy to my family and friends will be the gift of the Lightness of my being, and knowing that we have shared a deep, loving appreciation for each other in having traveled together the journey of this lifetime.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob