Hey God,

I thank You for Moose.

It was almost eight years ago Moose arrived on Christmas Day.

Moose arrived wrapped in a big, big box, and was placed right next to the Christmas tree.

I recall my nephew, Dave, presenting me with the box and my momentarily wondering what could possibly be inside it.

The card on the box indicated it was a gift from Dave.

I opened the gift, and there to greet me was Moose with a big red bow tied around his neck.

I pulled Moose out of the box and gave him a great big hug.

My family gathered together on that Christmas Day laughed at the site of Moose in my arms.

On my drive back home, I placed Moose in the passenger seat right next to me. We drove in silence the 150 miles; yet, in that silence, I was embracing Moose’s joy.

Moose made the move with me from Illinois to Texas. In our Texas home, he had an honored place to sit . . . he sat upon a hand-crafted wooden love seat.

My cat Spooner loved sitting next to Moose, cuddling closely by his side; the two displaying such sweet loving affection for each other.

During the past week, I noted Moose sitting on an oak-caned chair, looking at me as if to say, Bob, it’s time. There’s a new home awaiting me, too.

Immediately upon receiving the instant message from Moose, I saw a vision of my good friends, Mark and Hesperia’s two little girls, Evangeline and Lili.

I clearly knew in my heart that indeed it was time for Moose and me to part company.

And so this morning at 6 AM I picked up Moose.

I couldn’t resist giving Moose a hug; and oh, such a sweet hug it was.

There I stood at 6 AM, ready to walk out my front door, hugging Moose.

I recognized how full of love Moose is . . . his history is filled with loving . . . the gift of love from my nephew Dave to me plus the love Spooner and I have showered upon Moose throughout the years.

I noted while embracing Moose how full of loving I was, and that within the abundance of that loving, there simply was no room for any second thoughts to appear.

Yes, it was time for me to say, Good-by, Moose, so that Evangeline and Lili can now say Hello, Moose, what a great new friend you are!

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob