Hey God,

It’s very early in the morning; and here I am sitting in my car, beginning the drive downtown to the Barton Springs Pool.

I note the light on the car’s dashboard, indicating a low tire pressure.

Um . . . I wonder what to do at 6 AM on a Sunday morning.

I remember in Act 1 of my life, pulling into the gas station with Dad driving the car. A gas-station attendant would rush out, ask Dad, “Regular or Ethyl?”, begin filling the gas tank, clean the windshield, and check the tire pressure.

Well, I realize that’s the way it was some time ago.

Even so . . . guess what I do?

I pull into a gas station, get out and look at the tires. They look fine to me, so I keep on going.

I note my heart encouraging my mind to sing a song to me, Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.

So as I drive south on MoPac, again and again I hear the lyrics to this song. They magically weave through me a sense of peace and calm.

The morning swim at Barton Springs Pool refreshes me from head to toe . . . I begin swimming with the skies dark and finish by feeling as though I’m being embraced by the peace of the new day’s light.

The light on the car’s dashboard continues to let me know that one of the tires or several of them may need some additional air pressure.

I keep on breathing in the peaceful presence of this Sunday morning, consciously making a choice to trust and have the faith that all is well.

Coffee at Juan Pelota Cafe follows; the Major Taylor cup o’ joe plus friendly greetings and uplifting interactions with the coffee server, Mason, add mega-doses of the percolating peace into this Sunday morning.

Later I join a Peacemakers-in-Action group for a Sunday morning breakfast at Austin Java City Hall. If I wasn’t already filled to overflowing with peace, well now I am.

Leaving the breakfast, I wonder if by chance there might be a place open on a Sunday morning to check my car’s tire pressure.

I feel myself drawn to take a route home that’s different than the customary route I take north.

I follow the lead of my heart and discover a NTB shop open for Sunday morning business.

In a matter of minutes, I’m being served. Tires are checked, some additional air pressure is added, and here I am on the road again.

Yes, on the road again . . . a Peacemaker in Action . . . feeding the peace of my heart by quieting my mind and percolating the faith of my heart.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob