Hey God,

Yeah, I’m going to be very honest with You.

I must admit every now and then I entertain myself with thoughts of wondering how I’m going to get everything done in preparing for a move next month.

I look around my apartment, and I still see lots of stuff.

I open the kitchen cupboards, and I see more stuff, peeking at me from behind what were once closed doors.

The other day I looked in the cupboard and saw so many coffee/tea mugs . . . lots and lots of them that I had collected through the years.

Yesterday morning at the Peacemakers-in-Action breakfast at Austin Java City Hall, I noted the eclectic assortment of mugs Austin Java was using to serve their coffee and tea.

I suddenly saw a vision of me in my kitchen, opening a kitchen cupboard and seeing my own abundant eclectic collection of mugs.

I asked the Austin Java manager if the restaurant might be interested in adding to their collection of mugs. I briefly explained to him that I would soon be moving and would love to donate some mugs to their collection.

The manager smiled and responded, “Sure . . . if you have some mugs you’re looking to get rid of bring ’em on in.”

So last night I went through my coffee/tea mug collection, placing the vast majority of them in a box for me to deliver to Austin Java.

And so there I was at Austin Java City Hall early this morning . . . 7:30 AM to be exact.

I had just finished my morning swim at Barton Springs Pool and was feeling so very energized.

I found a parking space right in front of Austin Java. I picked up the box of mugs, walked into Austin Java, and introduced myself to the morning server.

As I began taking the mugs out of the box one at at time and placing them on the counter, I mentioned my previous-day’s conversation with the manager.

The manager then soon appeared, smiling, remembering me and our conversation.

The smiles on the manager and server’s faces grew bigger and bigger with each mug I placed on the counter.

With each of the mugs, I shared a very brief story on how the mug had happened into my life.

And so at 7:30 AM at Austin Java City Hall I report that a delightful mugging occurred today.

And for me, a lesson in living continues to be presented to me day by day.

And what is the lesson?

I’m continuing to learn when I wonder aloud how things are going to happen that it’s so much better to let go of the solo-approach to living and trying to figure things out all by myself.

Yeah, I am learning, really getting it what it means to let go and let You, God, handle it with me.

Yes, Inspiration came knocking at the door to my heart yesterday morning at Austin Java City Hall.

And what did I do?

I simple responded . . . boldly responded . . . I got up from the table, went to the counter, and introduced myself to the Austin Java manager. I let him know that I would soon be moving and had some mugs I was willing to share, adding to their marvelous eclectic collection.

And so this morning I simply delivered my delightful contribution of mugs; and in doing so, God, I acknowledge You and Your active involvement with me through this moving process.

Loving you,

Robert, aka Bob