Hey God,

Here we are . . . You and me, heading south on MoPac Expressway.

The morning skies are still dark and me  . . . well, I’m wide awake, eager to jump into the day by doing an early morning swim at Barton Springs Pool.

Yeah, it is a twenty-minute drive or so from my home in NW Austin; however, I must acknowledge that at this early-morning hour, I actually enjoy the drive.

There’s little traffic on MoPac.

The driving time enables me the quiet time to talk openly with You. And You know how much I enjoy talking with You.

I note this September morning is feeling cooler, and I’m wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans.

Under the jeans . . . my swimming suit is on!

I’m eager and ready upon arriving at Barton Springs Pool to shed the outer clothes.

And . . .

Take the 1, 2, 3 steps and head-first plunge into the invigorating Barton Springs water.

And . . . what do I find so exhilarating by that first plunge?

Well . . . upon that first plunge, I feel the spring-fed water embracing me, almost as if to say, Hey, Bob, good morning to you! We’re so glad you’re here!

Stroke by stroke, breath by breath, I gracefully swim into the new day.

The longer I swim the lighter the morning sky becomes.

I love embracing the new day in this manner.

I feel Your presence with me, God, that’s the only way I can explain it.

I feel with each breath and with each swimming stroke, I connect more deeply with You.

And at this time in my life . . . during my Act 3, when I’m engaged in the process of streamlining my life, I feel this morning swim empowering me into taking heart-centered actions through the day.

I feel so connected to Your creative flow.

The swimming clears my mind of the clutter.

And as a result, my mind is more open to my heart and in following my heart’s lead.

I am aware when residing in my heart that I’m communicating more clearly with You.

So I thank You, God, for Your loving support.

I thank You for Barton Springs Pool. What a marvelous gift of nature this is; how wonderful to swim, communing with You under the open skies!

I thank You for those who like me feel the inner draw of their hearts to begin the day by jumping into the spring-fed waters of Barton Springs Pool.

This is such a wonderful reminder to me that I am not alone on this journey. How sweet it is to share the early-morning swim with  Barton Springs Pool play-buddies.

Yes, my heart is filled with gratitude for life and for You and our sweet, sweet, sweet, peaceful early-morning swimming ritual.

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob