Hey God,

Here I am at the keyboard, admitting to You as my fingers dance upon the keys that I’m feeling rather out of sorts and like I’m really sputtering in the stuff of life.

I feel the stuff on my shoulders. It’s heavy; and it’s weighing me down.

All I want to do is be in the new place . . . and I’ve got miles to go before I’m there.

I keep on keepin’ on sorting through things.

I keep on keepin’ on taking things to a consignment shop.

I keep on keepin’ on looking around me here at home, and I still see so much stuff.

Yeah, I admit I’m guilty; I’m the guy who has gathered all of this stuff through the years.

I’m the guy who’s been holding on to stuff.

Yeah, I’m the guy who packed the stuff away in the closets and seemingly forgot it was there.

And now, here I sit . . . acknowledging the only way through the stuff is for me to take a step at a time.

Yeah, rather than look at where I am right now and stay present with right now . . . I’m focusing way down the road.

And so I take a deep breath.

I sit, pause, and reflect for a moment or two.

This honest note to you is helping me get through the stuff . . . especially the stuff in me.

Yeah, there’s stuff in me I’ve gathered through the years.

The physical stuff is stirring up that inner stuff for me to look at.

I note as I write the word stuff I’m suddenly feeling a shot of my heart’s joy  juice.

Suddenly, I’m aware that there’s a smile about to emerge on my face, encouraging me to use a smile-through-the-stuff approach . . .  and to do a delightful dance with the stuff, making it fun, fun, fun.

Um . . . making fun with the stuff?

Right beside me I catch a glimpse of a picture showing  my grand niece, Madeline, and my grand nephew, Levi.

I wonder how these two 18-month old kids would approach the stuff . . .

Madeline and Levi would have fun with the stuff . . . they would consider it a game.

So . . . following the lead of Madeline and Levi, I’ll continue with the stuff . . . acknowledging that even in the sputtering I’m having fun . . .

I recognize where the sputtering is coming from . . . it’s coming from my mind.

My mind is wanting to drive me way out into the future.

So . . . I’m back here with you, God, residing full-time in now.

Onward and upward . . . I’m now ready to march forward, listening to and following the beat of my heart.

Yeah, . . . I’m awake now to my heart.

I feel my heart’s joyful fuel enabling me to gently bulldoze my way through the stuff . . . a step at a time.

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob