Hey God,

I noted in rereading some of the most-recent blog postings how I’m beginning each one by addressing You.

I must admit that something magical happens when I use the Hey God greeting/salutation.

I recall in my Act 1 several scenes at Hillcrest School where I was taught by Miss Halpin, Mrs. Nelson, Miss Malik, and Mr. Brooks always to begin a letter with a greeting/salutation.

Again in my Act 2 there were numerous scenes with me playing the role of teacher to students in both the Rock Island and Wilmette Public Schools, teaching the parts to a letter.

And here I am now in my life’s Act 3 being served up a reminder about using a greeting/salutation in letter writing.

Initially I hadn’t thought of this blog as following a letter-writing format.

Yet . . .

The more I use it . . . the greater my awareness becomes regarding what this letter-writing format is enabling me to do . . . it’s serving to awaken me to the magnificence of my life.

It seems to invite me to drink openly from the inspiring well-spring of my heart.

The image that comes to mind as I write that last sentence shows me writing the Hey God greeting and having a IV-tube placed into my arm. The IV is feeding me from the inner riches of my heart and encouraging me to live, being a bold explorer of life now.

Yeah, the role I’m playing right now in my life’s Act 3 is that of a courageous explorer of life’s now.

Early this morning, I swam at Barton Springs Pool.

I looked at my watch before taking a plunge into the spring-fed water.

I swam. I breathed. I swam. I breathed.

I had no sense of time.

My breathing and swimming strokes were so synchronized.

My focus was simply on what was directly in front of me.

When I got out of the pool, I felt so peacefully invigorated and vitally alive.

I looked at my watch. I was amazed at the time. It seemed as though I had just arrived at Barton Springs Pool; and yet according my watch, I had been at the pool for quite some time.

And now I sit here at home, freely allowing my fingers to dance upon the keyboard. I recognize myself as an explorer of life now . . . living more fully present right where I am.

And so as an explorer of life now, I embrace playing this role as I move into the play of this day.

And what is the play that I’m performing in today?

Well, . . . I guess if I were to give it a title, it would be, Man on the Move.

Yeah, I’m an actor in life, playing a role in Man on the Move.

I’m streamlining and downsizing the props I’ll need to stage the next scene in my life’s Act 3 performance.

And as I play the role I’ve been cast in this play, I’m aware of the qualities that will enhance my performance now.

And what are these qualities?

Freedom, Gratitude, Simplicity, Love and Joy.

Yeah, these qualities are a collaborative team.

And . . .

They are key players on Your team, God.

And I’m aware in my life’s Act 3 that the role I’m choosing to play is being a player on Your team, God.

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob