Hey God,

I’m here.

I just read this quote from Helen Keller and am letting it percolate with me: Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

I recall in Act 1 of my life when I was about 12 years old, observing a scene involving my mother’s cousin whom I called Aunt Eloise.

Aunt Eloise was making a move from Davenport, Iowa to Mesa, Arizona.

Aunt Eloise was very upset with her brother. She felt as though he had let her down. She felt as though he had not been very supportive of her in sorting through family stuff and assisting her in packing for the Arizona move.

I stood with my family in Aunt Eloise’s kitchen. I observed her ranting and raving and sobbing.

For a 12 year-old, this was a very dramatic scene to watch.

Aunt Eloise could have won an Academy Award for her kitchen performance in Poor, Unsupported Me.

Interesting how memories of Aunt Eloise surface at this time in my life’s Act 3 as I sort through stuff and pack up for a move.

Yeah, I must honestly admit that every now and then I become aware of a similar behavior pattern in me that wants to act out.

I find myself looking outside of myself for signs of physical support; and when I do not see those physical signs, I note my energy spiraling down, down, down.

This morning I awoke at my usual time. Spooner, my cat, was nuzzled by my side.

For a very brief moment, I pondered forgetting the morning swim at Barton Springs Pool and just staying at home.

I quickly realized if I did so there was a strong possibility that I might take on a role in the play, Poor, Unsupported Me.

Instead of playing this melodrama . . .

I got up out of bed and headed to Barton Springs Pool.

On the crisp late September morning, few early morning swimmers were in the pool; however, the most important thing was . . . I was there in the water!

And as I swam this morning, breathing in the new day, I discovered I was no longer tempted to play a role in the melodrama Poor, Unsupported Me.

I took some time while in the water to look up at the dark, cloudless, early-morning sky.

I saw the stars twinkling and high overhead a brightly-shining moon.

As I treaded the invigorating, spring-fed water, I felt myself receiving such an uplifting blessing of support from nature.

I then experienced an aha! moment.

I recognized that the key to support is not found outside myself, however, it’s found within me.

There was no outer voice calling to me this morning, saying it would be best for me to go to Barton Springs.

The voice of encouragement came from within me; it was supporting me in playing an active role in supporting myself, taking action that would ultimately lift me UP on my climb up Mt. Stuff.

What I’m discovering is . . . there’s boundless energy available to me when I listen to my heart and follow the inner Spirited-support You are making available to me.

Yeah, I acknowledge this morning’s inner awakening to the magnificence of life . . . knowing that Your loving support is available 24/7 when I follow the supportive lead of my heart in playing a dynamic leading role in the play entitled, Climbing Up Mt. Stuff!

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob