Hey God,

I’m sitting here in a East Austin coffee house, awaiting the arrival of my friend, who also happens to be a designer.

While waiting, I draw a sketch of a character I’ve created for myself and have named Major Heart.

Just as I complete the drawing of the Major’s face, I suddenly am greeted by my friend’s arrival.

While enjoying a cup o’ joe, my friend and I sit and talk. We discuss ideas for my business card for Your Act 3.

My designer friend apologizes for the amount of time that it’s taken for the two of us to schedule a face-to-face meeting.

I experience a growing awareness as the two of us are chatting how perfect it is for us to be meeting at this very moment.

I see how it is a demonstration in my life of Your grace in action.

I see how my willingness to let go of making a meeting with my friend happen months ago has created the perfect time and space for us to create now the perfect business card design for Your Act 3.

Following this early-morning meeting, I deliver more stuff to the site for Saturday’s moving/estate sale.

Every now and then, I get a sense that a dust ball of doubt is lurking in my consciousness, desiring to take center stage.

I acknowledge it and simply say to it in a most loving way, Adios and good-by.

After delivering the stuff, I find a quiet place to complete my drawing of Major Heart.

I open my sketch book and am greeted by the Major’s smiling face.

I notice that I’ve already written the message for the day . . . Faithing.

I take a second look at the Major’s face.

I see just his face; I have not yet drawn the rest of his body, grounding him on a patch of the earth.

I look at the Major.

I look at the message at the top of the page . . . Faithing.

Suddenly before I begin to draw, I connect the dots between the Major and Faithing.

I see with the eyes of my heart what faithing means . . . it’s not just a concept for the mind; it’s an action that is grown and developed by putting the whole body . . . neck, shoulder, arms, legs, and feet . . . into the art of living and demonstrating faith in action.

And so today as I prepare for Saturday’s moving/estate sale, I’m faithing my way a step at a time, drawing upon the wisdom I learned from Major Heart and You today!

Yes, faithing is enabling me to awaken more fully to the magnificence of life . . . acknowledging that faith is simply demonstrated by taking a step at a time in Your loving.

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob