Hey God,

Thank You for today’s blue skies and near perfect October temperatures; if there was a perfect day designed for having a moving sale this would have to be it.

I heard the call at 4:30 AM for an extra-early morning swim at Barton Springs Pool.

Upon arriving at the pool, the skies were still quite dark.

Before beginning my swim, I looked up at the sky, spotting the Belt of Orion.

Energized by the starlit sky and by the silvery moon, I swam and breathed, noting, in particular, the pauses between each breath.

Today’s moving sale? . . .

Well, it’s done; and I must admit I’m delighted that it’s behind me.

I set up the tables and even before I was completely done, a few folks began arriving before 7:30 AM, looking for jewelry items.

Throughout the morning, there was a steady stream of folks.

I was entertained, watching them browse; and then noting the choices that they made to purchase.

I worked the moving sale from 7 AM to noon, and then took the items that were left to a nearby Goodwill.

I’m noting here now an opportunity for me to pause between the breaths of moving.

The sun continues to shine. and the October blue skies continue to radiate Your magnificence.

And me?

Well, right now . . . I’m quite content to sit inside, enjoying the peace and the quiet of this Saturday afternoon and simply taking the time for some peaceful pausin’ between the breaths of moving.

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob