Hey God,

I’ve got to admit that right now I’m in an inner tug-of-war, wondering . . . wondering . . . wondering . . . what I’m doing and how to get to from where I am to where I would like to be in my life.

It seems as though I’m really putting a lot effort into today’s climb Up Mt. Stuff.

I look before me, and I don’t even get a glimpse of the top of Mt. Stuff.

I feel as though I’m on a treadmill of life, doing the same ol’ stuff, striving . . . yeah, striving to make ends meet.

The highlight of my day so far was the early morning swim at Barton Springs Pool.

I entertained an idea for a moment or two of staying in the water all day and simply swimming the day away.

Even in the fall’s cool, crisp morning air, I felt so alive in the spring-fed water of Barton Springs Pool.

Even though the morning sky was still so dark, I felt so Light-filled in the water.

I left the pool feeling refreshed and invigorated.

I then showered outdoors in the Barton Springs Pool Bath House.

Following the shower, I felt so ready to get myself into the Monday groove.

And now a few hours later I sit here at my keyboard feeling so entangled in a web of doubt and confusion, feeling an under-tow of stuck and draining energy, pulling me down, down, down into making life such a struggle.

Yeah, I know . . . instead of focusing on typing a letter at a time, I’m wanting to look at the finished blog.

Yeah, I know . . . instead of taking a deep belly breath one at a time, I’m wanting to breathe the breaths of tomorrow and the next day.

Yeah, in my climb up Mt. Stuff today, I’m allowing my mind to lead the way and it’s taking me miles and miles away from now.

And so . . . thank You, God, for listening to me.

I’m noting my breathing is deeper now.

I’m noting I’m more aware of now and that awareness is producing for me a greater sense of Light-heartedness. In fact, I just noticed a smile beginning to show up.

Yeah, I’m almost there . . . smiling with life and my climb Up Mt. Stuff.

Smiling sure does make the climb up so much easier and enjoyable.

So with a smile beaming and radiating from my heart, I see the road ahead me more clearly now.

The road . . . is the next letter I type and the next and the next and the next.

And with my vision cleared now, I breathe a huge sigh of relief and realize that even though I’m not in Barton Springs Pool, I am swimming in the creative currents UP Mt. Stuff.

I love You, God, and thank You, for the gift of prayer and for my willingness to talk this stuff over with You and give Up the stuff to You.

Yeah, honest, heartfelt prayer serves me so well and does awaken me to the magnificence of life now and best of all . . . to Your loving presence with me!

Loving You,

Robert, aka Bob